Discover Tafraout's Handmade Moroccan slippers

Bridging Past and Present
In the heart of Tafraout, where mountains kiss the sky, an ancient art thrives: the crafting of handmade leather babouches. These shoes are more than a product; they are a slice of our history, a heritage that I am proud to carry forward and share through my creations.

Tradition, a Living Breath
The babouches of Tafraout, once symbols of simplicity and necessity, have journeyed through time, adapting and transforming. Today, they embody both the ruggedness to withstand arid terrains and the finesse of a refined craft.

Craftsmanship Evolved
Building upon my grandparents' legacy, I infuse every pair of babouches with a spirit of modernity. From motifs inspired by mosaic art to vibrant hues, each creation is a celebration of Moroccan culture, a painting you wear on your feet.

The Magic of Hand-Worked Leather
The leather we select is meticulously treated, eschewing chemical interventions, to ensure an authentic finished product. Slipping your foot into one of our babouches means embracing the full richness of genuine leather, and that distinctive, natural scent is your assurance of its authenticity.

Your Gateway to Authenticity
Whether you're navigating the bustling streets of Sydney or the quiet alleyways of Paris, our artisanal babouches connect you to the land of Tafraout. Available for online purchase, we offer the opportunity for everyone, anywhere, to own a piece of our culture.

A Promise of Quality
Our promise is to deliver babouches that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also enduring, telling a story, conveying a lifestyle.

Embrace the Heritage of Tafraout
We invite you to explore our collection and select your very own pair of artisanal babouches. Through them, experience the sensory journey of real leather, and be transported to the landscapes of Tafraout, where the art of shoemaking is a form of poetry.
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