About Us

Welcome to Afayan.com, the authentic embodiment of Moroccan craftsmanship brought to you by LN TRADE LTD, situated in the heart of London. Our mission is to bring the vibrant spirit and rich heritage of Tafraout, a quaint town in southern Morocco, to the global stage through our exquisite handcrafted leather footwear.

At Afayan.com, each shoe is a narrative of tradition, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans who have inherited their expertise from generations. We pride ourselves on supporting these local communities, preserving their timeless techniques while injecting modern flair into every piece.

Our curated collection at Afayan.com is more than just footwear; it's a celebration of cultural identity, sustainable practices, and the human touch. The leather used is carefully selected, ensuring that it not only carries the soul of Moroccan artistry but also promises durability and comfort.

Join us on a journey where the ancient streets of Tafraout meet the bustling avenues of London, where each step in our handcrafted shoes is a step towards bridging worlds. LN TRADE LTD is not just about the commerce of footwear; it's about sharing a story woven into the seams of every product.

Discover the touch of Morocco's finest artisans with us. Welcome to our community, welcome to Afayan.com.